Minecraft player pays homage to Halo with this awesome creation


After One Piece, Among Us or the Lord of the Rings, it’s Halo’s turn to be the source of inspiration for frenzied creators on Minecraft. It’s certain Reddit that a user, by the name of FuriousSlayer73, shared his latest creation: it is a rotating ring in the colors of Halo. In his Youtube video, he explains that he was inspired by Zeta Halo for the final construction but whose project is inspired by a other content creator. The difference between the two works? That of FuriousSlayer73, who posted the rendering of his work on Youtube under the name of Reach Plays, is running!

A feat that took him a long time (a whole month depending on the main interested party), paved with obstacles: the blocks Clockwork Bearing, used to spin things didn’t work because the base entity’s skeleton was so big the game couldn’t handle it. Therefore, he gets around the problem by dividing his ring into several sections, each with a rotating support. Without much conviction on the effectiveness of the thing, he is surprised himself when it works.

An impressive result which will therefore have taken a whole month to achieve and which is now accessible to all those who wish it since the ring can be downloaded from planetminecraft. However, he specifies that certain criteria must be respected before embarking on the adventure:

Source : Reddit, marked by PC Gamer

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