PUBG is now free to play! Our guide to getting off to a good start in 2024


The first thing to know, is that not all game areas are equal in terms of loot. So, giving you a summary of all the cards in the game with the best points according to what you are looking for would be a bit long, so to start, here is what to remember.

The areas with the best equipment are generally the areas that are in town and will therefore be the most populated. It will be harder to get out alive, but if you do, you’ll be well equipped. Conversely, it will be easier to survive in the countryside, but quality loot will be rarer there.

In PUBG, information is important and if we will see in the rest of this article how to recover it, we will see here how to give a minimum of it to your enemies. For this, there are some rules to respect and the first is to close the doors behind you.

Basically, the doors are closed and if you leave them open, you give your enemies the information that someone has passed. The same goes for the windows that you must avoid breaking. because already it makes noise, but it can also give a clue of your presence.

PUBG is now free to play!  Our guide to getting off to a good start in 2024

If you were told about noise a few lines ago, it was not trivial because if you want to be a good PUBG player you will have to use this to your advantage. Besides the footsteps you can hear, you can spot your enemies via gunshots or vehicle engine noises.

With a little practice and after a few hours of play, you will even be able quite simply to assess an approximate distance via the sound of gunshots, as well as the weapon your enemy just used. Valuable information in the approach of a fight for example.

Speaking of combat, just because you see an enemy in PUBG doesn’t mean you have to shoot them. Indeed, it may sound a little weird, but often, it is better to wait a little before shooting to ensure victory.

So if you have the perfect placement, don’t hesitate, but if you’re badly placed and the enemy hasn’t spotted you, do not stupidly give your position when opening fire from a place from which you do not feel comfortable.

As in all Battle Royale, PUBG has its healing system with several items that allow you to regain HP after taking damage during the various fights in your game, but in addition, the game has a boost system.

Indeed, via these objects, you fill another bar above that of your HP and this bar, it will allow you to not only heal you over time if it exceeds 50%, but in addition to giving you a small movement speed bonus.

PUBG is now free to play!  Our guide to getting off to a good start in 2024

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