Vikings Valhalla on Netflix: The famous Nordic warriors are back in a spin-off


When the sixth and final season of Vikings was announced in 2019, MGM Television and Michael Hist announced that a new series Vikings was in production. This is called Vikings: Valhalla is happens to be as much a sequel as it is a spin-off.

Expected on Netflix for February 25, 2024, the first season has just been illustrated by a trailer, which quickly presents the characters and the stakes of this new story, which takes place a century after the events of the core series. The opportunity for spectators to follow the adventures of the explorer Leif Erikson (Sam Corlett), by Freydis Eiriksdottir (Frida Gustavsson, by Harald Hardrada (Leo Suter), both children of Erik Le Rouge, but also of William (or William, depending) the Conqueror. History should also leave a good place for religious tensions between the Scandinavians, divided between their polytheistic beliefs and Christianity, but also to tensions with English royalty.

The series will be directed and produced by Jeb Stuart and Michael Hirst, and all episodes of this first season will be available immediately. Jeb Stuart has recently expressed in Collider columns, explaining that he didn’t want to write what could have been seen as a season 7 of Vikings:

When I arrived on the project, I said that I did not want to write season 7 of Vikings (…) It is a series which follows its course, its own rhythm and which has a new historical context. I did a lot of research. I pushed my learning of Viking History until I became unbeatable. And so I found out about the St. Brice’s Day massacre (when King Æthelred the Misguided ordered all Danes in the Kingdom to be killed). I thought “Wow”. For me, this has major cultural resonance and current relevance.

I felt like we had to start Vikings: Valhalla here, because there were pagan Vikings at that time and Christian Vikings. (…) Inadvertently, King Aethelred gave future King Knut the Great a reason to unite the Vikings. He gave them a reason to stop killing each other over religious differences. A reason to be Vikings again, and I thought that was a really cool place to start a new series. Then, by bringing Freydis and Leif from Greenland, we were able to arrive 150 years later…

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