PS5: Sony is preparing a feature eagerly awaited by gamers


This feature, which existed on PlayStation 4, is still not active on PlayStation 5. Faced with the demand of players, the interested party explained that it will be added soon. This “Tournaments” feature allows players to compete online in official tournaments. In everyone’s mind, starting with that of the manufacturer, there is of course the EVO (Evolution Fighting Games Tournament). Since March 2024, the American event has been owned, in part, by Sony and the publisher intends to exploit this prestigious partnership in the years to come.

PS5: Sony is preparing a feature eagerly awaited by gamers

Present at CES 2024, Jim Ryan did not spend long on these famous tournaments, but we must expect future announcements in this direction. The “Tournaments” feature first appeared in 2016 and allowed PlayStation 4 owners to challenge each other in organized competitions in the ESL esports league. It was a way for many competitors to access special prices without leaving their chair and this feature was noticeable by its absence when the PlayStation 5 arrived.

No one knows what shape future online tournaments will take, but Sony, through the voice of its CEO, is banking more than ever on innovation and progress to make the PlayStation brand thrive. The PS VR 2 headset in preparation and the possible response to Xbox Game Pass are the best proof of this. Moreover, it will be interesting to see, faced with a service as well established as that of the competitor, how Sony intends to stand out. But there is no doubt, they have ideas!

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