Riot Games (LoL): A developer teases a new, still very secret project, the news!


League of Legends, Ruined King, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Hextech Mayhem, Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra are available, spanning multiple game genres, while Conv / Rgence and the Project L fighting game are in development. Series Arcane, crowned with success, came to cement the strategy of Riot Games. But obviously, another project, not yet announced, is already under development within the studios.

Indeed, Joe Ziegler, who had been Game Director for Valorant for 8 years, the competitive shooter eyeing CS: GO, recently announced on the game’s official website he would quit his duties. However, he is not leaving Riot Games. He simply changes teams in order to participate in the development of a new game, the identity of which has not been disclosed, but who might as well be a completely new title that of the MMO League of Legends or of Project F, a social game. Valorant is not an orphan either, since Joe Ziegler give way to Andy Ho, previously Senior Director of the game.

It is with a heart full of gratitude and deep excitement that I come to you today with the news. After 8 years of working on Valorant, building it from the ground up with a team of dedicated and passionate developers who have worked tirelessly to serve you all with the respect and admiration you deserve, I am relinquishing the director’s hat. Valorant tactical shooter gameplay to my good friend, Andy Ho.

Andy is someone who I am proud to say has dedicated many years to Valorant and whose personal dedication to meeting the highest standards inspires everyone who works with him. He has my full confidence that he will continue to grow and develop Valorant from year to year, so that he can become even better than I could imagine.

For my part, I will be starting something new (* wink *, secrets …) in the hope that we can even scratch the surface of the incredible impact that Valorant has had so far. ‘now. Having said that, I won’t be far from the game or the team, and they will always have my support. Thank you to all who have supported and continue to support Valorant, as well as to those who have supported me and my work. You made my time as Game Director a truly joyful and memorable experience.

In parallel, Riot Games recorded the arrival of Aaron Linde, storyteller on Halo Infinite. Having also worked on Gears of War 3, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Battleborn, Destiny 2 and Guild Wars 2, he joined Riot Games to work within the Research and Development department, to help teams imagine the concepts that will drive future Riot Games productions.

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