Squid Game: Will you risk your life to see this offer?


Squid Game is the revelation of the end of the year 2024 on the serial side. With millions of viewers around the globe and rave reviews, this is Netflix’s most-watched series last November, in 94 countries. In total, it will have attracted more than 142 million spectators. Impossible then to miss it. In this series, 456 people with financial difficulties find themselves invited to take part in a mysterious competition where they will stake their lives in an attempt to win the jackpot. And you, if you were offered to win 32 million euros (45.6 billion won in the series) would you participate in the adventure?

Zavvi offers a dark collection that aims to capture all the best games in the series. The brand decided to focus on the deadly game Red Light / Green Light and Front Man first. This game is a great classic that we know in France mainly under this name: 1,2,3 Soleil! The “small” difference is that in the series, if you move while the doll is facing the players, death is guaranteed!

Squid Game: Will you risk your life to see this offer?

Several types of products are available for men and women at all prices:

In short, there is a choice for all tastes in this new collection from Zavvi! Whether you want to give a gift to your friend who is a fan or just want to give yourself a little gift after the holiday season, you will have plenty to do.

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