Apple: finally a nice promo on the iPhone 13!


We know the song: Apple products are known to be of very good quality, but many critics claim loud and clear that they are “too expensive for what they are”. And the argument can be heard, of course. But is this still the case after a nice reduction?

With the promo of 100 € currently in progress, the iPhone 13, which remains a high-end model, goes from € 899 to € 799. The offer is offered by RED by SFR, which can boast of being the only operator on the market to display such a high price.

Note that the offer is valid on all smartphones over € 600. If you prefer models from Samsung or an iPhone 13 Pro for example, you will always be entitled to the € 100 discount. Nice Christmas gifts on the way!

Be careful, you must be RED customer by SFR. The packages are non-binding: once you have paid for your first month and the 100 € have been paid to you, you are free to go and look elsewhere. Do not hesitate to check all the details of the promo !

Apple has 3 major strengths compared to the competition. First, there is the eco-system, ie the interconnection between the brand’s objects. Then there is IOS, the particularly ergonomic and well-optimized operating system unique to the Apple brand. Finally, there is the guarantee of having particularly well-finished premium products.

The iPhone 13 is a really high-end product, and it shows everywhere:

At JV, we were able to test the product. Our experts in the drafting of the hardware division were won over: 4.5 out of 5 stars. The final note being reserved for the model above: the iPhone 13 Pro.

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