Lost Ark: Action-RPG MMO gameplay in video


Lost Ark is a very popular game in Korea in particular, is coming to us very soon. The one that promises to be the probable MMO to follow this year has already shown what it has in the belly to those who have had access to its Beta. We have told you about the game’s classes and have already concocted some guides to help you understand a game that presents a beautiful depth.

Lost Ark could have been misleading, with its few indicators that could make one think of games like Diablo III or Path of Exile, but it’s definitely an MMORPG, with its daily and weekly quests, team raids, crafting trades, and multiplayer content. There is also an in-game store, but Lost Ark is not a Pay2Win: while it is possible to acquire items that save time, it does not guarantee victory for sure.

Lost Ark: Action-RPG MMO gameplay in videoLost Ark: Action-RPG MMO gameplay in video

The all-new, freshly released video takes you through the available classes and gets an active first look at the game mechanics of Lost Ark. The images quickly show the creation and customization of the characters, but also the customization of the fights. This is also the opportunity to learn more about the history of the world of Archésia, our mission, how to level up and visualize the five different classes of heroes (Mage, Assassin, Sniper, Martialist, Warrior), which each have their advanced classes with their own abilities.
We see in particular the possibility of acquiring skill points, which make it possible to customize the capacities of the characters, knowing that each combat skill can be improved three times, which offers hundreds of different combinations.
The video also focuses on the exploration and its different stories, interspersed with quests and the many characters that make up an adventure that pits the protagonists against demonic forces who want to seize a powerful artifact.

Lost Ark: Action-RPG MMO gameplay in video

Lost Ark also asks to navigate the seas in order to discover new areas. We see our ship that can be customized while in a port, as well as the recruitment of our crew. In addition, we can build our upgradeable and customizable Island Fortress, which represents our Headquarters., where there is a craft workshop, in which we can use the collected resources.

Dungeons and Raids are part of the game, there are several types that allow you to win rewards, while it is also possible to play as a team in order to face other players in 3 against 3, in dedicated arenas. . As a reminder, Lost Ark is a game that can be downloaded for free on our PCs via Steam, available in France from February 11, 2024.

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