Call of Duty 2024: the next opus would feature an open world


Tom henderson and RalphsValve are two insiders who have already leaked information that turned out to be true. They have also both been rapporteurs for several months already. Rumors about the next Call of Duty installment, which would be called Modern Warfare II, a sequel to the 2019 reboot.

Tom Henderson, editor and insider has reported for several weeks that the next episode, scheduled for this year, will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Now he also claims that the game would be announced this summer for an October release.

As expected, it looks like this year’s Call of Duty title Modern Warfare II (2024) will be revealed this summer.

There are rumors that the title could be released in October due to poor sales from Vanguard, with a “big” update from Warzone shortly thereafter.

This new episode would include a number of iconic characters from the saga, according to RalphsValve who publishes the casting which according to him would be confirmed.

Recently, we told you that Ralph was sharing information about the game’s storyline, which was allegedly partially verified by the VGC site. We could read that Modern Warfare II would immerse you in the war against the drug cartels through a bloody, mature story. We are even told a morality gauge which would influence the events of the campaign, which implies a much less interventionist history. This corroborates new information from Ralph that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will welcome an open world …

Indeed, this same Ralph now speaks of a mode called DMZ. Rumors about a DMZ mode already existed, but it’s the insider that reveals what it would be. In fact, it would be an open world mode, which some already compare to Escape from Tarkov. It would have been first planned for Modern Warfare in 2019, but finally pushed back and integrated into this new opus. According to Ralph, the mode has been developed by Infinity Ward for four years already, and would be a dynamic open world procedurally generated with missions to accomplish.

Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer would carry a gameplay referring to the previous reboot, Modern Warfare. Ralph notably asserts that the “parkour” dimension of the title would revert to MW II. On the other hand, reports he shared speak of maps inspired by Counter-Strike level-design. Infinity Ward would seek to create memorable and unique maps, but that would surely announce fewer maps on release than on Vanguard.

Recently, he also claimed that the game will feature a Multiplayer mode similar to a mode in Rainbow Six Siege: Attackers vs Defenders. In this one, the goal would be to reach or defend an area and objectives within a given time. Each attacking player would have a role assigned by general vote. Defenders should prevent attackers from achieving their objectives.

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