Big rival of the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy tablet falls at a crazy price


Apple is good, but it is well known that Apple is expensive. If you are outside the famous eco-system of the Apple brand and you are looking for a comfortable multimedia support between the PC and the smartphone (a tablet what), the Samsung Galaxy Tab should please you.

There are 2 main categories of Samsung tablets: the Galaxy Tab A and the Galaxy Tab S. The idea of ​​the Galaxy Tab A is to offer a mid-range tablet for people who just want to scroll on social networks or watch videos. The Galaxy S, they are placed directly in front of the iPads. These are powerful tablets, particularly well finished … in short, top of the range.

The model currently on sale on Amazon is the cheapest of the high-end since it is the Galaxy Tab without connection to the 4G network (therefore to be used only in Wi-Fi) with a storage capacity of 64 GB. Usually offered at 419 €, it loses 70 € and therefore passes to 349 € only the time of a flash sale. A Christmas gift at a knockdown price!

Did you know that the life cycle of a tablet is, on average, twice as long as that of a smartphone? Whether on the side of manufacturers or consumers, the ranges of tablets are renewed much less quickly than those of smartphones. Suddenly, it is better to choose a solid model that is not likely to be picked up in a year or 2.

The Galaxy Tab S5e was considered the best tablet on the market in 2019. With such solid specs and time flowing, this machine is quite possibly one of the very best value for money around.

Despite its somewhat short storage capacity of 64 GB, note that it is still possible to add a MicroSD card for more convenience. If you find yourself taking photos or videos on a regular basis with your Galaxy Tab, this is a bit of a “must have”.

Speaking of photos and videos, note that this is one of the strengths of this tablet, where all its competitors literally wallow on this aspect, Samsung has decided to add a very good 13 Mpx main sensor capable of filming in 4K coupled with a selfie sensor of 8 Mpx less dashing but still correct.

Autonomy side is also very good, with its huge 7040mAh battery, she will be able to hold more than 20 hours of video playback. Note that it is supplied with an 18W charger which allows it to be fully recharged in 2 short hours.

In short, seeing such characteristics at this price is pretty crazy. If you are not particularly attached to Apple, it will be much more economical to go on this pretty Samsung tablet on sale!

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