Fortnite, Chapter 3: that’s it, Tilted Towers is back! (Re)discover the city in this new chapter


As teased and made official yesterday, that’s it Tilted Towers has just appeared in game with the arrival of this morning’s patch. But this arrival, it was not really a secret. Indeed, we already told you about it in our article on snowmelt.

Since the start of the season, Epic Games had also scattered evidence here and there that the city was going to return. For example, if we went there, we found blocks of ice protruding from the snow at the location of the main heights of the city.

Similarly, we also had the right to several images of the season where we saw the famous clock tower. As for its location, we let you discover it on the map below, but we warn you, at the moment, there are a lot of people there. So, if you want to discover Tilted Towers on the new map, which we advise you, is to land somewhere else and wait for things to calm down before heading there.

Fortnite, Chapter 3: that's it, Tilted Towers is back!  (Re)discover the city in this new chapter

As we know, the cities of Fortnite tend to change over the seasons and inevitably, when we see the return of Tilted Towers, we wonder what will await us for this city. Well, the first news is that there aren’t really any major changes.

Indeed, whether it is the location of the buildings or even their shapes, apart from a few details, you will be able to have an experience that is similar to the one you have been able to experience for several seasons during the first chapter.

Good news therefore for the fans, even if a question remains, that of knowing how long this city will be available. Is it just a wink for the fans during this season or a city made to stay, and even have an importance once again in the lore of the game?

The main Fortnite new features that have arrived since Tilted Towers was originally available are obviously a game-changer: you can now drive into Tilted Towers thanks to vehicles, which was not the case at the time of Chapter 1.

Obviously, at the time of writing these lines, many players are trying to land at Tilted Towers to compete there like in the good old days.

Fortnite, Chapter 3: that's it, Tilted Towers is back!  (Re)discover the city in this new chapter

A little trick to soak up Tilted Towers a little more easily without finding yourself in the center of a frantic and deadly battle: try to land in a nearby town, like Greasy Grove. These are currently much quieter, since everyone goes to Tilted, and you can easily equip yourself with weapons and find a vehicle that will allow you to then go by road to Tilted Towers. When you get there, there should only be half or a third of the hundred players left who started the game with you, and you should normally encounter only a few players in Tilted, not hundreds. Enough to fight there on a slightly more regular basis, without the pressure and the opportunistic and unfair kills of the start of the game at Tilted Towers.

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