This 27 inch QHD gaming PC screen is at a very good price before the sales!

Xbox One

If you are looking for a good PC monitor at an affordable price for your brand new PS5 or just for your daily setup, here is a good candidate. For 387 € on Amazon, you will be entitled to a beautiful 27-inch IPS, 165 Hz, 1ms and QHD panel (larger than the standard 24-inch, which is very comfortable). Didn’t you understand all this gibberish? We explain all that below.

Since its launch at around 500 €, the VG27AQ has known several been affected by promotions. When we analyze the price curve, we quickly notice that seeing it around € 400 is not a very rare thing. However, there is still a nice reduction and seeing a screen of this quality at only € 387.95 remains a nice deal.

Gamers are above all looking for one thing: fluidity. For that, they are interested in 2 specific characteristics in terms of screen. First, there is the response time, which is the time it takes for the monitor to react to your movements. Here, this time is 1 millisecond, which is almost imperseptible. Theoretically, it is still possible to do less, but even demanding players do not ask for better.

Then there is the sweep frequency, expressed in Hertz. Here, this frequency is 165 Hz. The screen will therefore refresh 165 times per second. In general, gamers are looking for 144 Hz screens in order to be able to play in 120 FPS without worry and to see more precisely all the moments of action of the most nervous competitive games. You got it, here we are still above this 144 Hz requirement.

Beyond these two crucial points for gaming, this screen signed Asus is also very comfortable in office automation (in the period of returning to telework, it’s always pleasant) and more than satisfactory for watching films or other series. Netflix? Why ? Two other characteristics here: panel technology and resolution.

The resolution is the easiest. You know Full HD and its 1080p (which means there are 1080 pixels per inch), you are also most likely familiar with 4K, the new TV standard, but you may not be familiar with QHD or WQH resolution, sometimes wrongly called “2K”.

To make it short, Full HD resolution may suffice on a 24-inch panel, too small for higher resolutions to be really relevant. This is not the case as soon as you go to the size above, 27 inches. There, having 4K would be a bit useless but having Full HD is not enough (in Full HD, you have a good chance of seeing the pixels on your screen with the naked eye, which is frankly unpleasant). Suddenly, you have to look at QHD, an ideal intermediate resolution for this screen size.

Finally, let’s talk briefly about the technology of the panel: IPS. IPS panels are the ones with the best color rendering on the market and the best viewing angles. They are the most expensive but also the best for watching videos or working on your PC.

So much for the explanation of the gibberish in the first paragraph. Also note that this monitor is equipped with Adaptive-Sync, G-Sync and Free-Sync technologies. This means that it is able to synchronize with all graphics cards on the market. With it, you won’t have to suffer from blurs, stuttering, and screen tearing. Connectivity level, it’s a very complete classic: a DisplayPort 1.2 port, two HDMI 2.0 ports and a Jack output. It will also be possible to fix this screen on a support thanks to its VESA mount.

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