League of Legends: Karmine Corp will develop NFTs, fans react!


It is in a packed house, carried by the supporters, that Karmine Corp took revenge against KOI this weekend on League of Legends. The places were gone in a few minutes, and the team, which lined up for the first time its new composition, did not disappoint by winning 2-1 after a very intense match who unleashed the crowd. A good way to start the year, and to show the great ambitions of the French team. The event, which was followed in the morning, was also an opportunity to make important announcements.

On the one hand, the Karmine Corp announced that it had signed a sponsorship contract with the operator Orange, who becomes a major partner of the team for the next two years. An agreement which will obviously allow the structure to have more means to develop, and Orange to invest a little more in the field. However, this is the second announcement that most unleashed passions.

Indeed, the Karmine Corp has announced that she was currently working on the development of NFT, whose nature, release date and cost remain to be defined. The news was announced on Twitter, with artwork reading “under construction.” One dedicated site has been opened, and those interested can subscribe to the newsletter by entering their email address in the box provided for this purpose. In the comments, the reactions were strong, as well on the side of those favorable to the NFT as on the side of the detractors.

Some are very enthusiastic and think that the Karmine Corp is right to anticipate the massive arrival of NFTs in video games, others castigate the ecological risks and the speculation around these unique digital elements, authenticated by the blockchain. Obviously, between the two, there are many people who ignore the principle of NFT, or others who are as intrigued as they are suspicious. To one of the users, indicating that they did not want to judge by knowing more about the project while indicating that the land is dangerous, the Karmine Corp replied:

The players, whether for or against, In any case, they will have to wait for the structure to detail its project. In the meantime, remember that the subject has become major since the launch by Ubisoft of the Quartz platform, than Konami launched a collection of NFT linked to the 35 years of Castlevania, that Square Enix has shown great interest, and that Epic Games has unveiled its intentions in favor of the technology. In contrast, Phil Spencer, Xbox branch boss, Valve, via Steam, and SEGA, expressed rejection or great caution vis-à-vis this trend and “play-to-earn” games.

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