LoL: A look back at Rekkles’ premiere with Karmine Corp


LoL: A look back at Rekkles' premiere with Karmine Corp

Rarely a first game of an LFL season had also been expected. First, because Karmine Corp and Misfits Premier are the two finalists from last season in LFL, as well as the finalists of the Summer Split 2024. Above all, the transfer from Rekkles to KCorp has made a lot of noise in recent weeks, which is why his first official game with his new team is watched by all.

He was not long in coming. Despite a big pressure on his shoulders, since he knew very well that everyone was waiting for him, even more than his teammates, Rekkles showed once again why he is already a legend in the League of Legends circuit. the Swedish botlaner formed a fantastic duo with Hantera, Misfits Premier’s botlane never seemed to match. Rekkles has moreover registered on first-blood of a part which will have finally lasted forty minutes. Misfits Premier seemed overwhelmed by opposing aggression at times, in a match where 113 and Saken controlled their direct opponents.

Results of the first day of the LFL 2024:

The KCorp, co-founded by Kameto and Prime in 2024, already impresses with its results. We recall their achievements: French LFL Champion of the spring 2024 segment, finalist the summer segment and the 2024 Coupe de France, European champion Spring segment and summer segment 2024 EUM (first team to keep this title). But the team perhaps impresses even more by its popularity after only two years of existence. During yesterday’s match, a “simple” championship match, despite the quality of the two teams involved, we recorded a peak of cumulative viewers on the different streams of the match at around 200,000 spectators.

Sporting results and support from supporters already encouraging for this new season. The LFL 2024 continues tonight with five new meetings, including Karmine Corp meeting Mirage Elyandra.

Thursday January 13

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