My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission: Scenario, release date, animation studio… everything you need to know


My Hero Academia is a Shonen Nekketsu imagined by Kohei Horikoshi. From a one-shot created in 2007, the mangaka will draw the beginnings of his flagship work, which will find itself propelled to the front of the stage thanks to its prepublication in the Weekly Shonen Jump of the Shueisha from 2014. Since then, My Hero Academia has been a real phenomenon with nearly 50 million volumes sold worldwide for 32 volumes published to date in Japan, 5 anime seasons and 3 animated films. The third being World Heroes’ Mission.

In an alternate reality, 80% of the world’s population has superpowers called “Alters”. My Hero Academia follows the adventures of the very young Midoriya, a superhero-loving boy who aspires to become one himself. Unfortunately for him, the young man has no Alter. Depressed and resigned, he ends up meeting All Might, his idol and Earth’s #1 superhero. Touched by the young boy, All Might sees in him his worthy successor. He will then reveal his secrets to her and send her his Quirk, the “One for All”. After hard training with his mentor All Might, Midoriya will then do everything to join Yuei, the prestigious superhero high school, and thus be able to master his Quirk and become the greatest hero of all time.

Already released in Japanese cinemas on August 5, 2024, My Hero Academia – World Heroes’ Mission will be available in our cinemas from January 26, 2024. The trailer and the French, Belgian and Luxembourg release date were communicated by Crunchyroll, the platform co-owning the exploitation rights of the anime with the platform Anime Digital Network (DNA for short). After its theatrical release, the film should logically join one of its two platforms, if not both.

In France, My Hero Academia – World Heroes’ Mission is first released in cinemas before landing on streaming services. Following a series of previews on January 21, 2024, you will be able to discover the feature film from the 26th of the following week in certain CGR / Pathé / Gaumont cinemas, and comfortably enjoy this new movie. If you want to watch it quietly at home, you will have to wait for a broadcast on the Crunchyroll and/or ADN simulcast platforms.

My Hero Academia – World Heroes’ Mission benefits from an original scenario written especially for the occasion, like the previous films. The organization Humarise sees the Quirks as scourges that pollute the planet, and decide to eradicate those who possess them. To do this, they develop bombs that cause Quirk possessors to lose control of them until they die. In order to fight against this organization, superheroes from all over the world are mobilized as well as the students of Yuei High School. A race against the clock will then start which will push Deku to his last entrenchments.

Whether or not a manga-based film is canon within the timeline of the work is always a subtle one. Generally, the films are either a pretext to adapt one or more major narrative arcs with the means of a cinematographic production, which therefore offer a better quality of animation, or an original story which makes it possible to develop the universe but which deviates of the timeline. My Hero Academia – World Heroes’ Mission is a special case. It is canon because it develops enemies mentioned during season 5, and more precisely in episode 16. Nevertheless, this episode is not directly taken from the manga. In addition, this film tells an original story specially written for the occasion. No major incident should therefore impact the course of the story. The movie just fits into the anime’s timeline.

My Hero Academia – World Heroes’ Mission is produced by the studio bones, to whom we owe all of the animated productions stamped My Hero Academia. The studio has been adapting the series since 2016, signing the first five seasons, but also the two previous animated films (My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising). After World Heroes’ Mission, the Bones studio should continue with season 6 of My Hero Academia, scheduled for fall 2024. In addition, the studio is also working on the return of Mob Psycho 100 with a third season supposed to release in the spring.

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