Need For Speed: a return of the saga in the open world? A job offer sparks the rumor


It looks like not everything is buried for the Need for Speed ​​license. This is in any case what one can imagine, evidenced by the job offer on the Tencent site. Spotted by a Reddit user then translated by the site gamingonphone, she mentions an association between Tencent and Electronic Arts to bring the license to mobile via an open world game that would run on Unreal Engine 4. Proof of the embryonic status of the project, many positions are to be filled. 3D animators, project managers or even designers, all will have more or less the following responsibilities:

The design of different gameplay modes of a mobile racing game set in a big world; or the design of a 3C racing experience (…)

If this association between Tencent and Electronic Arts brings together two behemoths of the video game market, it is without counting the development studio in charge of bringing the project to mobiles since it is TiMi, a Chinese studio known for overseeing many games. hit on mobile. Outraged Arena of Valors, it is also to him that we owe the export on phones of many video game franchises: Call of Duty is a hit on mobile and generates astronomical revenue, while the adaptation in Pokémon LoL-like with Pokémon Unite had his little box.

That being said, this Need for Speed ​​Mobile is in its infancy for the moment and you will have to be patient before you can get your hands on it. A good way to put your pain in patience and orient yourself on titles like Forza Horizon 5 or The Crew 2, both in the open world. Unfortunately, we can no longer return to Need for Speed ​​World: free open-world opus of the saga, the game was discontinued in 2015 by Electronic Arts.

Source : Tencent, spotted on Reddit and relayed on Gaming Bolt

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