Netflix: The excellent surprises in films and series released in 2024


What better way to start than a superhero movie not quite like the others? Indeed, in How I became a superhero, the whole world is populated by individuals who were born with overpowered powers. It has even become commonplace to own them. The problem is that more and more “normal” people are starting to develop these kinds of extraordinary abilities. A strange substance seems to be responsible for the phenomenon, and the situation will escalate very quickly. A special police team will then take charge of the case in order to unmask the person or persons responsible.

Let’s continue this roundup of surprises on Netflix in 2024 in blood and screams with the Fear Street trilogy. This production is in line with the so-called “tribute” creations to the 80s and 90s. To be more precise, these films aim to honor the genre of the slasher made legendary by titles like Halloween and Claws of the Night. For example, the second feature film will not fail to remind you of the terrible Friday the 13th as the directors were inspired by it. Summer camp by the lake, ax killers, violent murders, everything is there to put you back in the mood of the time.

2024 was the occasion for Netflix to welcome in its catalog the science fiction film Love and monsters. The latter sets its frame in a post-apocalyptic world in which we follow the adventures of Joel Dawson (played by Dylan O’Brien). The young man tries as best he can to survive on land now inhabited by terrible creatures even if in terms of combat, he is sorely lacking in experience. Therefore, an expert in the matter will lend him a hand so that he is no longer the prey, but the hunter, during his quest to find the girl of his heart.

Do you know Lupine, this famous gentleman-burglar born under the pen of Maurice Leblanc in 1905? It is undeniable that his adventures have become a classic of French detective literature. As a result, many directors have jumped on these stories to make an adaptation in film or in series. The most recent to date is Lupine, but this is a special case. Indeed, it is not strictly speaking a transposition on the screen of one of the works of the novelist. In truth, the hero is a huge fan of novels and uses them as inspiration to carry out his own heists.

After superheroes and science fiction, let’s move on to the realm of fantasy with Shadow and Bone, the adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s literary saga. Our story takes place in a cursed realm populated by wizards and monsters. The evil must be eradicated urgently and the army therefore sets out, with in its ranks Alina, a heroine with a surprising fate. The orphan will live a terrifying journey through a world where death is never far away and where people you trust are scarce. Moreover, if you like this first season, know that the sequel is on the rails and should arrive on the platform next year.

We will now leave planet Earth to go to space with the Korean space opera Space Sweepers. In the year 2092, the crew of the vessel “Victoire” recovered from among space debris a 7 year old girl named Dorothy. However, there is nothing human about it. It is actually a robot wanted by the authorities. Our friends will then take a decision with serious consequences: demand a ransom for the “child” who turns out to be a weapon of mass destruction. A rather original pitch for a very well received production.

It’s the turn of Sweet tooth, the adaptation of the comics of the same name, to have our full attention. This science fiction series is one of those stories that highlight the friendship between man and the unknown. In this case, between a marginal and a young boy, half-human, half-stag. Together, they will travel through a world devastated by the “Great Collapse”. Danger is everywhere and survival proves to be a daily ordeal. Nevertheless, our two heroes will not back down in the face of danger as a magical and breathless adventure begins.

Whether you’ve seen the series or not, the name “Titans” is surely no stranger to some of you. For good reason, it is a team of superheroes from the DC universe made up of very popular characters like Dick Grayson (Robin) or Starfire. Going back to the series Titans, it is the first live action adaptation of the adventures of our fighters. Season 3 was released in 2024, and has met with some success. As for the rest, it is already in production. However, we do not yet have a specific release date.

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