NFT: Troy Baker (Last of Us, Fortnite) announces a strange project, fans are stepping up!


Every week, the wave of NFTs hits video games. While the subject is gaining more and more momentum and arousing, for the most part, the discontent of video game players, many players in the sector are taking the plunge, even if it means burning their wings with their respective communities. . This week alone, esports team KC (Karmine Corp, created by streamers Kameto and Prime) and webtoon Solo Leveling have shown interest in this technology.

Faced with such enthusiasm from the video game industry, we wondered, in our columns, if NFTs risked, yes or no, drastically changing the face of the video game sector. The future will tell us but, in the meantime, everyone is trying to get their lion’s share or give life to original projects, like Troy Baker who approached Voiceverse NFT in order to use his own voice.

The voice actor with a particularly recognizable voice — he notably lent the latter to embody the character of Joel Miller in The Last of Us, Constable Jonesy in Fortnite or even Higgs in death strandingis therefore about to embark on a very particular NFT project. The purpose of this association around NFTs? ” Explore ways in which we could bring new tools together to emerging creators to do things never before seen, and thus give everyone a chance to own and invest in the intellectual properties (IP) they create “.

We grant you, the message is quite cryptic but the ambitions of Voiceverse NFT seem much clearer. The company did not want to invest in the traditional “jpeg” formats that some are fighting over, but in the voices, as its name indicates so well. The company explains that using this technology around voices could make it possible to ” create custom audiobooks, YouTube videos, lectures, podcasts », all with your favorite voice!

Troy Baker and Voiceverse NFT had to expect a completely different reaction from the community that usually supports the dubber’s projects. Especially since the company, thanks to its partnership with the actor, hoped to give even more cachet to one of its favorite arguments. : “ Imagine being able to speak with the voice of the character you play as in a multiplayer game (…) You can sound like whoever you want in the metaverse, and now you can have the same voice as the Voice NFT you own “.

However, this does not seem to be to the taste of Internet users who quickly challenged the actor on this project involving controversial technology. Some took the floor to remind the voice actor the lack of ethics around NFTs, others for show they wouldn’t support the comedian in this process, even though they normally appreciate his work, or to express their very strong feelings about this technology harvesting, in passing, the approval of a large part of the Internet users.

NFT: Troy Baker (Last of Us, Fortnite) announces a strange project, fans are stepping up!

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