PS5 for Christmas? All the information on stocks to have the PlayStation 5 under the tree!

PS 5

PS5, the acronym for Sony’s latest console, is on everyone’s lips and on everyone’s mind. For this Christmas 2024, the console is more ardently desired than ever by its most loyal fans, as well as by those who finally want to discover video game immersion in 4K at 120 fps.

This is the promise of the new PlayStation console, UHD resolution and fluidity that also integrates technologies such as Ray-Tracing. In short, the level still above PlayStation 4 which had already delighted many players.

But, unfortunately, this famous PlayStation 5 is a victim of its success. Already as a base, Sony consoles are in great demand, the PS5 had to face the COVID-19 crisis at the time of its release. So with the slowing pace of production and the lack of components, the PS5 shortage could only thrive.

Cried out loud and clear, the console appears here and there over the course of its successive restocking and restocking. However, they never last long, and it is who or who will be the most responsive that usually gets the sweet sesame, the console.

But, with the holidays coming and Christmas, the console is more than ever the center of attention. But how do you get your hands on it in time? There are several solutions for this. The first and most expensive is to turn to third-party resellers. But beware, the bill may be particularly steep with a displayed price which is 2 to 3 times higher than the normal selling price.

The second solution is to go to your favorite store. Whether it’s Boulanger, Fnac or Darty, there may be a chance that one of your stores has been restocked.

The third solution comes down to following our recommendations and our news tips. This is because we track every restocking and we post all restocking and restocking of PS5 as soon as possible.

This is why we invite you to follow us and to keep an eye on the news good plans as well as on this news which will explore in detail the various rumors for this week. And don’t forget, this is your last chance to put the console under the tree. Order later, and you may have to wait until 2024!

In order to maximize your chances, we encourage you to create an account on the sites below and already put a means of payment there. Indeed, every second counts when restocking, so make the task easier and anticipate.

First of all, in the current rumors, there is no single console. Thus, there is a good chance that this week’s restocking mainly concerns packs containing the console with often an additional controller, a game or even a headphone-type accessory.

A pack to grab quickly at Veepee

Those who are already subscribed to the famous platform are already aware: there are chances to see packs available tonight! The sale opens at 7 p.m., be ready during the launch and remember to register!

NB: However, do not expect to receive your pack before January.

PS5 at Casino? Likely…

Casino has really stood out lately by offering a few PS5 packs. This week, there is a chance that it will be the same and that there will be a sale of the famous consoles! Be ready and get your Casino account ready!

PS5 at Fnac: surely in store

Last week, we had the pleasure of seeing the PlayStation 5 back at Fnac! It hadn’t happened since last summer, and you could say it was a surprise. However, this week you will have to move to succeed in getting your hands on the object of your desires.

PS5 at PlayStation, towards another public sale?

The official PlayStation store came out of its silence some time ago, and we can say that it is surprising. Because, it is not to sell goodies or derivative products, but many PS5 consoles. Often in private sales, it happened that public sales were organized. And this week, chances are there will be one! Get organized and get ready for the launch!

PS5 and Amazon, a story made to last?

Amazon, the main player in worldwide distribution, is generally quite well equipped when it comes to PS5s. This week, there are chances that there will be restocking at home. But beware, to access sesame, you must have an Amazon Prime account!

If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you just need to click on “Add to your list” so that you can get the precious sesame. Attention, to know if the console is available, it is only the absence of the mention “Currently unavailable” which will tell you if you can buy the console or not.

Micromania? Always present !

The brand specializing in video games, consoles and accessories has distinguished itself for its frequent restocking and above all, its pre-orders. Unfortunately, these are no longer available at the moment. But, we can hope for restocking of packs containing consoles, games, controllers and perhaps even headsets!

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