Samsung presents its new high-end TVs at CES 2024


It’s a habit, Samsung is still the first manufacturer of consumer electronics to unveil its new products during CES in Las Vegas. If the event is strongly disrupted by the health crisis this year, this did not prevent the South Korean manufacturer from announcing three notable updates to its different TV ranges, coming on the market in 2024. As a bonus, a gaming hub intended to make life easier for players has also been formalized.

The Frame collection is part of Samsung’s high-end offering: these are televisions that benefit from a framing close to that of a painting, and which are intended to be positioned on the wall. The 2024 upgrade of this range is associated with the arrival of a new QLED panel, equipped with a matte anti-reflective filter. The objective is rather simple: to limit the light reflections which tend to lower the immersion of the users, in particular when the light is on. Something to satisfy moviegoers and gamers who don’t like to use their screen in the dark.

Samsung presents its new high-end TVs at CES 2024

Samsung is also promising those who like to display a work of art on their always-on The Frame TV, a wider choice of visuals thanks to the Art Store UX, available online. The Frame 2024 range will be available later this year, in sizes ranging from 32 to 85 inches.

MicroLED is seen by many technophiles as the technology of tomorrow when it comes to televisions. It consists of the use of LEDs of a micrometric size, capable, due to their very large number, of individually displaying the pixels. In addition, they do not involve backlighting or color filters. The result is supposed to offer colors and contrasts of unparalleled precision.

Samsung presents its new high-end TVs at CES 2024

In 2024, the MicroLED continues its little path at Samsung. The manufacturer is refining its technology, improving HDR management, and by offering panels that support 100% of the DCI-P3 RGB color space and Adobe RGB. If the MicroLED boiled down to very high-end 110-inch diagonal screens in 2024, in 2024, Samsung intends to offer models of 89 and 101 inches in addition. The note promises to be, in any case, extremely salty, because the MicroLED remains complicated to produce. The different models are also equipped with Dolby Atmos and Samsung Object Tracking Sound Pro on the sound side.

Samsung’s Neo QLED range is renowned for the very high quality of its panels. On the program for the 2024 collection, a more efficient processor and the promise of even better contrasts in the process. The screen luminance will now be adjusted in 14 bits, compared to 12 bits for the Neo QLEDs of 2024. But that’s not all, since theartificial intelligence integrated into televisions is notably capable of optimizing the display of elements located in the background and in the foreground, for a rendering close to 3D, but without glasses: this is the technology Object Depth Enhancer. Algorithm Shape Adaptive Light Control is, in turn, able to adjust the light according to the shape of the objects present on the screen.

Samsung presents its new high-end TVs at CES 2024

The different models of Neo QLED televisions announced by Samsung are available in 4K and 8K version, and all benefit from technologies Dolby Atmos, Active Voice Amplifier, Object Tracking Sound and SpaceFit. Finally, note that 8K models are the first of their kind to support 144Hz input. The promise is beautiful and the prices will be accordingly, which does not prevent dreaming a little.

Along with its new televisions, Samsung also unveiled the Gaming Hub. This is an interface that will be integrated into its Tizen operating system: a priori, only TVs sold from 2024 will be entitled to it, and again, not all will be eligible according to the first announcements of the manufacturer.

Samsung presents its new high-end TVs at CES 2024

From this space dedicated to video games, users will be able to access their consoles connected via HDMI to the screen, but not only. Indeed, Samsung Gaming Hub will provide access to various partner streaming gaming platforms : Nvidia GeForce Now, Stadia or even Utomik are at the rendezvous. PlayStation Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming are absent subscribers, but the DualSense and Microsoft controllers are still compatible with the platform. Samsung is not closing the door on the arrival of new partners in the future : we understand that one of the challenges remains to convince them.

Samsung will give more details on Gaming Hub, as well as its new televisions, later this year.

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