Revolution at decapitated prices on PCs, screens, TVs…


Every year there is a change of equipment! The world of computers and high-tech moves so fast that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Also, sales are always a saving moment to equip yourself or upgrade your PC. The observation is the same for the televisions which do not cease to dazzle us or the capture equipment, essential for any self-respecting streamer, which always accommodates more functionalities.

Under these conditions, you will not be unhappy to learn that is currently offering a 15% reduction on all of its “bargain” products. Desktop PC and laptop, PC component, peripherals, telephony, image or sound, everything goes! But if sniffing out the ultimate deals is your thing, read on.

What hits the mark immediately when you land on the sales page is of course the – €1000 that is displayed on the selection of MSI Laptops. Several models, among the most powerful of the moment, are offered at incredible prices! The pure gaming PC, which usually peaks at almost 3,700 euros, drops to 2,799 euros! And for this price, you have the crème de la crème: Core i7, RTX 3080, 32 GB of RAM… Enough to be quiet for a while! And if your budget is more limited, don’t worry, offers very attractive discounts on the entire MSI range! For example, the GF66 Katana, which includes a Core i5, an RTX 3050 and 8 GB of RAM, goes below the 1,000 euro mark! At the same time, you will also find other brands like Asus with discounts of up to 170 euros in promotion!

Revolution at decapitated prices on PCs, screens, TVs...

If you are more interested in televisions, will satisfy you with a range of OLED, QLED or 4K UHD screens at again very attractive prices. To give you an idea, the 83-inch (210 cm!) LG 83C1 sees its price drop from 6,490 euros to 4,990 euros, a reduction of 1,500 euros! But in the other direction, there are also excellent TVs for less than 1,000, 500 and even… 200 euros! Thus, the Hisense 32A4BG in 80 cm is 199 euros! thinks of all budgets!

Among the range of products offered, the Elgato peripherals, well known to streamers and video game lovers, should also have all the favors of connoisseurs! We are talking about promotions of up to 80 euros! The Elgato Ring Light, which illuminates your setup while having impeccable lighting for your streams, is 139 euros instead of 219 euros! The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+ capture box, meanwhile, does not exceed 169 euros while it is usually close to 220 euros! Even the Elgato Stream Deck sees its price drop by 50 euros to reach 119 euros! With such material, it is impossible not to become the king of video platforms!

Undeniably, with these sales, tries to please everyone and offers a range of reductions to equip you well for the new year. Do not hesitate to take a look to discover all the promotions offered. We only took a quick tour of the owner of everything available! So, if you are the Corsair type, know that the brand’s PC peripherals (power supplies, towers, fans, etc.) see, for some, the price drop by 30%!

Definitely, there is really something to have fun without blowing your budget.

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