Sales: The super Sony MDR headphones reduced by 41%!


Explosions, chases, powerful orchestral music, pyrotechnics and special effects in every way! It’s crazy how movies and video games have taken on a daunting visual scale and, of course, sound has followed the same path. Just listen to the level of sound design in current productions, including feature films by Christopher Nolan, to be convinced. This is great art ! Also, to enjoy it, nothing like a good helmet!

Offered at an ultra attractive price, the Sony MDR headphones may not have the features of high-end products, but they have on their side a truly impeccable sound thanks to Hi-Res Audio and Beat Response Control technologies. Thanks to this paraphernalia of techniques, the Sony MDR restores a precise, dynamic sound and benefits from powerful bass and a clear midrange. It’s very simple, for this price / quality ratio, it’s the best ! Not to spoil anything, the packaging is extremely neat and matches the majestic design of the product.

Even being accustomed to in-ear headphones, the Sony-MDR is so well thought out that it adapts to everyone. The set is supplied with 2 quality cables: an unbalanced 3.5mm and a balanced 4.4mm. In addition, its OFC cord is detachable.

Resistant, comfortable and perfectly adapted to wearers of glasses (thanks to the shape memory pads), the Sony MDR is really a very good product. And at this price, it’s hard to do without it if you’re looking for quality, inexpensive headphones.

Normally available at a price of 220 euros, the Sony MDR headphones are currently on sale at 129 euros at Amazon.

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