Solo Leveling: NFT technology tackles the most popular Webtoon


Decidedly, the NFTs are in the news at the moment and are inviting themselves to several areas of pop-culture since these three letters, meaning Non Fungible Token, are shaking the whole world. To shorten it, this technology is a digital file to which is attached a certificate of authenticity. Something that can therefore be applied to any virtual object since this technology is part of the blockchain, a digital database that updates in real time. And when we talk about a virtual object, it can really be anything and everything. Today, these are two scenes from the manwa Solo Leveling which were put up for sale in NFT. Korean manga that popularized the term webtoon (manga readable online only), Solo Leveling is a property of Kakao Corp. It was the latter who decided, through a press release, to sell the NFTs of the scenes of the work. A decision that it justifies:

Alongside films, dramas, games and animated films, the NFTs will innovate and promote webtoons. Our company seeks to elevate the lifespan of franchises as well as the webtoon industry through bestsellers and NFTs.

Kakao specifies that the two scenes cost 500 KLAY and 100 KLAY, a cryptocurrency. They correspond respectively to the last scene of the manga with chapter 179, and an iconic scene from chapter 172. They will be available for sale from January 12 on Klip Drops.

It will therefore be the first time that a popular manga has been the subject of NFT. Note, this technology is part of the fashion of the moment. Ubisoft launched Quartz, a platform dedicated to NFTs. Still on the video game side, it was STALKER 2 and the developers of GSC Game World who tried the blow before retracting. An initiative imitated by Sega and Square Enix, two big Japanese players in the video game world.

Outside of the emptied game, it was Justin Kan who decided to make it a little more global. The co-founder of Twitch, a platform bought by Amazon, launched Fractal. It is a platform dedicated to NFTs, which welcomes developers and players. The former deposit the games on their site, while the players spending a certain number of hours there are rewarded with NFTs. They are then free to use them in-game or to resell them on the market integrated into Fractal.

Source: Korea Herald

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