Sony reportedly working on technology to transfer real-life objects into games


It was the GameRant site that discovered the information at the end of last week: Sony has updated a patent concerning a technology capable of scanning real world objects to implement them in that of video games. This technology is not strictly speaking new since its patent was filed on June 23, 2024. However, at that time, the American body responsible for validating patents and registered trademarks (USPTO) requests it’s up to Sony to review some details, which it is doing before resubmitting the patent at the end of last week. The image shared by GameRant provides a better understanding of how the technology in question works. Using a device, the user must scan at 360 degree an object to generate its virtual clone. The system then determines its attributes and functionalities, before inserting it into a simulation or a video game.

Image credits: GameRant

Sony reportedly working on technology to transfer real-life objects into games

If the applications around this new technology are still unclear, the link between such a patent and the recent announcement of the PSVR 2 is too tempting not to take it. It was during the CES, Consumer Electronic Show, that Sony and PlayStation unveiled their next virtual reality system. Yes the release date and price are still unknown, the PSVR 2 has several known characteristics: detection of what the eyes are looking at, OLED screens with 2000 * 2040 resolution, a refresh rate between 90 and 120 Hz as well as a 110 degree field of view. Sony may therefore have waited until CES to unveil in detail the characteristics of its virtual reality headset, and update the patent to submit it to the USPTO.

By the way, it’s not the only patent Sony is reportedly working on at the moment. The firm is reportedly planning to manufacture a controller dedicated to mobile gaming, an eSports betting system with bitcoins or even a mutual aid feature so that players can help each other. In conclusion, it is worth remembering that the filing a patent is only synonymous with reserving an idea. An idea that may never see the light of day in reality.

Source: GameRant

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