Star Wars, The Mandalorian: one of the most beautiful minifigures you have ever seen is available for pre-order


The Mandalorian season 2 episode 1 (or rather “Chapter 9”). Just before meeting up with the most popular bounty hunter in all of Star Wars mythology and just after defeating a huge monster, Mando and the Child race across a dune straight to their vessel in a Motojet (or Speeder in the language of Shakespeare). This scene marking a turning point in the series, the “real start” of season 2, has been frozen in an official ultra-realistic figurine.

This statue is 18 centimeters high, 16 centimeters wide and especially 45 centimeters long. The official scale is 1/10. A fairly large size so make sure you have room to proudly display this collector’s item crammed with detail. Disney didn’t laugh at the fans of the series. Every micro element and every detail of painting is insanely precise, right down to the textures (leather, metal, canvas, rock, Baby Yoda skin, and even smoke). We spent long minutes with our mouths half open zooming in on the different images of the figurine on Zavvi. Bluffing is the word.

Besides, let’s touch a few words on the too little known Zavvi site. With us, the brand from across the Channel is not well known. However, it was she who bought Virgin Megastre, a former major competitor of Fnac in France. In the United Kingdom, Zavvi is one of the market leaders in the entertainment market: you can go there with your eyes closed, the site is full of officially licensed products from a bunch of cult series, anime and movies. Marvel, Star Wars, One Piece, Harry Potter … really, there is everything at rock-bottom prices.

And yes, € 454.99 for a figurine is very expensive, we agree. But keep in mind that this is a licensed collector’s model produced in very small quantities, designed by renowned artists and at mind-blowing level of detail. When you have all these parameters in mind, the price seems really justified. Moreover, the figurine is likely to fall out of stock several months before its release, only people who have pre-ordered will be able to receive their copy.

Star Wars, The Mandalorian: one of the most beautiful minifigures you have ever seen is available for pre-order

On a streaming platform that is not far from distant, a series has revived one of the most prolific and in-depth licenses in pop culture: Star Wars. Star Wars in good French, takes you place in a galaxy far, very far … a place where the Force, a power emanating from death and the life of all things can be manipulated by warriors called Jedi and Sith.

The latter oppose each other according to their values, the former advocate justice, the others revenge and resentment. Their confrontation takes galactic proportions often find place at the heart of political regimes which alternate according to the dominant power of the moment.

And in The Mandalorian, it’s the Sith who are in disuse. The Empire has just fallen with the death of Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious. The New Republic, just named is still taking its quarters, still has a lot to do with the remains of the Imperial Army which refuses the arrival of the new power.

In this context, we follow the Mando bounty hunter, the Mandalorian. The latter accepts a very special mission: he must recover a 50-year-old life form and bring it back alive. A very special mission that will earn him the pursuit of all the forces of the galaxy.

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