What if the moon fell on Earth?


Moonfall is a disaster film directed and written by Roland Emmerich, known in particular for having made Godzilla, 2012 or the Independence Day saga. Never having hidden his taste for disaster films, the director announces Moonfall in May 2019 while working in parallel on the sequel to Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). The screenplay is co-written by Harald Kloser with whom Roland Emmerich has previously cooperated on the 2012 film.

The feature film begins when a mysterious force ejects the Moon from its orbit, which precipitates it on Earth. Its crash threatens the extinction of all life on the blue planet. When humanity sinks into despair and torment, only Jo Fowler, former astronaut and NASA executive thinks he has a solution to avoid the collision and save the two stars. A former colleague with whom she has already accomplished several missions, Brian Harper, as well as a conspiracy theorist KC Houseman are the only people on whom Jo can count. Our unique team will embark on a final space mission and lift the veil on the mysteries surrounding the Moon.

On the occasion of the film’s release, the first 5 minutes of it were broadcast on the internet. This opening scene shows us the past of the protagonists and more precisely the last space mission of Jo and Brian. The latter and his fellow astronaut Marcus are here guided by Jo during an extravehicular mission. This goes off without a hitch on the catchy sound of Africa (music from the 80s by the pop-rock group Toto) until the fateful moment when an unknown dark matter disrupts the mission.

Communications between Jo and the two astronauts are cut and the two men are left to their own devices. Marcus is carried away by the strange mass of black dust while Brian enters the ship with some difficulty. He finds Jo unconscious and, after stabilizing the shuttle, realizes the total disappearance of his comrade. He then takes the heavy decision to return to Earth.

Moonfall will crash into theaters by February 9, 2024.

Moonfall: The opening scene of Roland Emmerich’s film

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