Star Wars: A new series focused on iconic villains in the works?


The Star Wars fan community is in turmoil. One unannounced Star Wars project would come to leaker through a trailer. Baptized Knights of Ren – A Star Wars Story, he intrigues: is he credible?

Star Wars: A new series focused on iconic villains in the works?

the trailer is awesome if it’s a fake. If we believe it, this would be a work in real shooting centered on the famous Knights of Ren, seen alongside Kylo Ren in the final trilogy. If it is indeed a series intended for Disney +, it would be the first announced that is clearly dedicated to characters from the dark side.

But several doubts remain about the authenticity of this trailer. First because “A Star Wars Story“was until then a label dedicated to films, not to series. However, we have never seen a Star Wars film planned directly for Disney +. This could be a first, so Knights of Ren wouldn’t be not a series but a movie. Or else a series labeled A Star Wars Story, for the first time. Let us add that a series already officially planned will be called Star Wars: A Droid Story, so perhaps other “Story” projects around Star Wars are planned as a series. Let us also point out the quality of the trailer, which uses never-before-seen footage. If it was really created by fans, they are really very good, because we don’t see any glaring flaws in this trailer.

No comments have yet been made by Disney or LucasArts. So it remains to be seen whether Knights of Ren – A Star Wars Story is a fan’s fantasy or a reality.

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