A perfect monitor for PC gaming in 1440p at an excellent price


Playing on PC in good conditions and at a decent price is certainly not what is most obvious at the moment, the fault – again and again – with this damn shortage. But that does not prevent promotions from arriving regularly, especially on the side of PC screens. The right format to play, if you have a mid-range PC (for example with a GeForce RTX 2070, a Radeon RX 5700 or, if you’re lucky, an RTX 3060 or Radeon RX 6700), is very clearly the WQHD in 27 inches, with a good refresh rate. WQHD means you can play at 2560×1400 pixels, which keeps the display very fine while maintaining a high FPS level.. Even more so if you use technologies like DLSS from Nvidia or FidelityFX Super Resolution from AMD.

In short, the screen that interests us here, the Asus TUF Gaming VG27A, ticks all its boxes and will prove to be an excellent daily gaming companion, but also a very working tool. Amazon is offering a 22% reduction – a saving of € 112 – on this model. You can thus acquire it at 387 €.

This monitor from Asus has a 27-inch diagonal IPS panel. Its refresh rate is 165Hz and its response time is 1ms. Note: its resolution is 2560×1440, which is ideal when you have opted for graphics cards AMD 6600, 6700 and beyond, or Nvidia RTX 3060, 3070 and more. In addition to that, this monitor is equipped with Adaptive-Sync, G-Sync and Free-Sync technologies. This means that it is able to synchronize with all graphics cards on the market. With it, you won’t have to suffer from blurs, stuttering, and screen tearing. Equipped with several connections, there is in particular a DisplayPort 1.2 port, two HDMI 2.0 ports and a Jack output. It will also be possible to fix this screen on a support thanks to its VESA mount.

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