Babylon’s Fall available for pre-order on PS5!


Those who drooled over the Babylon’s Fall trailer will be delighted to hear that the game will be available soon on their brand new PS5s. Remember that it promises us an action-RPG experience worthy of the know-how of Platinum Games (Bayonetta, NieR: Automata) with in addition the possibility of playing in cooperation up to 4 players.

Although this game experience is only available online, let’s not sulk our pleasure in being able to defeat biblical monsters by playing characters that can handle melee combat, but also apparently ranged combat for a simultaneous management of 4 weapons. different. Graphically, Babylon’s Fall looks quite different from the studio’s other games, sporting a sort of oil painting-like design that won’t be unanimous but still offers a pretty personal touch.

Babylon’s Fall trailer

Good news for players from all walks of life, the title will be cross-platform between PS4, PS5 and PC, which will allow players who do not have the same machines to collaborate online. Unfortunately, the title won’t be cross-save, which means you won’t be able to transfer your progress and paid content from one platform to another.

Babylon's Fall available for pre-order on PS5!

You will play as a Sentinel, a former prisoner endowed with powers conferred by an artefact: Gideon’s chest. It is a parasitic magical device forcibly implanted in your back. You will be led to climb the Tower of Babylon and to increase your character’s experience and stuff as you ascend. Square promises us a wide variety of weapons for a personalized playstyle.

In short, this is a promising new license, which is already rare enough to be highlighted. Pre-order the title now on PS5 and receive it next March, as soon as it is released. This is an opportunity to save time and start grinding as soon as possible. Also note that the pre-order also concerns the game on PS4.

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