Better than AirPods Pro, Sony wireless headphones lose $ 80

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Active and passive noise reduction, fit in the ears, comfort, practical size, quality of finish, crazy battery, high-end sound … Sony’s WF-1000XM4 really tick all the boxes. When it comes to raw quality, many experts rate them as the best wireless headphones on the market.

As you can imagine, such a quality comes at a price. These little gems were launched at € 279.99. Yes, but here it is: for Christmas, Boulanger offers a nice reduction of 50 €, or 17% of the price of the product, and increases the XM4 to 229.99 €. Better yet, for a very limited period: you can scratch an additional € 30 and lower the price to € 199.99 thanks to the promo code PETITSONNOEL (in capitals) to enter in the small dedicated box just before proceeding to the checkout.

As we said above, these headphones really have it all, there is, objectively, almost no fault. Let’s talk about it point by point, you will see where we are going with this.

The main thing about headphones is the quality of the sound. What can we say except that the XM4s are stunning, a bit like the famous Sony Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. The soundstage is particularly ample and clear. No unpleasant metallic effect. The sound is dynamic, precise, suitable for all musical genres, without big gaps between treble, midrange and bass.

Better than AirPods Pro, Sony wireless headphones lose $ 80

To support this crazy sound quality, there is active noise reduction. The very good quality microphones for Bluetooth headphones (and you know that having a good hands-free kit is important) pick up the sounds around you to send the reverse frequency to your ears. Mechanically, it cuts you off from the world and leaves you alone with your music. This option is adjustable.

Practicality / comfort level, again, nothing to complain about. The tips are varied and pleasant. You can play sports without any problem with your headphones in your ears without feeling them move. Speaking of sports, the IPX4 certification protects the headphones from splashes, rain and sweat.

The battery has a crazy lifespan: 9 hours with noise reduction activated and 12 hours without. You can travel halfway around the world by plane keeping your headphones in your ears the entire way.

The storage case is forgotten in your pocket thanks to its very compact size (a feature not found on low-end wireless headphones, and, trust us, it’s more important than it is. seems).

Finally, these high-end Sony headphones come with a myriad of options. Several control options (including volume) directly on the headphones, almost instant pairing on Android and Windows …

In short, you get it, if you are looking for the crème de la crème of True Wireless headphones, especially on Android, this is the model for you. And when it comes at such an exceptional price, you shouldn’t hesitate too much.

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