The excellent nomadic/gaming Razer Opus headset is at a knockdown price during the sales!

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We no longer present Razer, this brand specializing in player equipment. It has many references used by players around the world and among them several really interesting headsets. Today, it is the Razer Opus model that drops in price on Amazon, falling from €209.99 to €117.49, a reduction of 44%! It has the advantage of being ultra nomadic, of offering quality active noise reduction, while offering excellent sound in music and in games.

Whether you want to use it with your PC or console for gaming or even on your smartphone in nomadic mode to walk around quietly while listening to your music, this headset has it all! Its connectivity is its versatility with Bluetooth on one side for smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions, and on the other a classic wired connection for everything else! So no problem using it on your PS5 or Xbox Series.

Wireless, yes, but low latency all the same! In addition, even in Bluetooth, this device manages the microphone. This will allow you to answer the phone as well as chat with your friends during your game. Sound quality level, we are on very good for a helmet of this type thanks to the THX certified headphones. Its rich sound amplitude will be ideal for your movies, games and music. Be careful, however, audiophile friends, to make the most of your music in a quiet environment, this will not necessarily be the headphones of your dreams.

Indeed, one of the main advantages of this Razer Opus is rather its anti-noise side which will do wonders in noisy environments. 3 modes are also present to best manage all situations. It is on this point that Razer has bet and it pays. Finally, know that you will have up to 40 hours of autonomy with this model

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