Fortnite, Chapter 3: tornadoes and thunderstorms are coming, should we be afraid?

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The first climatic event that we will discuss in Fortnite is surely the one that is the most impressive and that is the most talked about, the tornadoes. In fact, you will now be able to meet them in your games and if at first you have the reflex to flee, you will quickly change your mind.

Indeed, these tornadoes, they are not bad, it is even quite the opposite. They will make you climb in the air and allow you to move quickly on the map by operating your glider when you leave them.

Then you are probably wondering what happens if you are in a vehicle when you are caught by the tornado. Well then again you will be sent into the air and you will be able to exit the vehicle to trigger your glider. The vehicle, once it reaches the top, falls back to him.

While tornadoes don’t damage you, thunderstorms will. To spot them, it is a large nori cloud that is quite visible, even from a distance. Regularly, lightning strikes a random spot under the cloud and the affected area catches fire.

If it is a player, he suffers some damage, but in return, he will be able to benefit from a speed bonus for a few seconds. If you want to get hit, you can increase your chances by going in the water or the highest point under the cloud. Finally, be aware that an electrified area appears on the ground a few seconds before the lightning strikes the area.

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