Bose SoundLink III on sale: a timeless Bluetooth speaker at half the price!


With Bluetooth connectivity within 30 feet of range, this portable speaker lets you connect to your smartphone, PC or tablet to stream all of your favorite playlists, albums and podcasts – whether you’re at home or abroad. outdoors, playing on the console or in the middle of the night with your friends. And for those wired enthusiasts, the Bose SoundLink III also features a mini-jack cable port.

Definitely designed to accompany you everywhere, the Bose SoundLink III is equipped with a 2300 mAh Lithium-ion battery with an excellent autonomy of 14 hours. Its robust design allows it to be transported with ease. In short, it is a real nomadic speaker, which guarantees you long hours of listening.

Best of all, the SoundLink III speaker is customizable. The manufacturer sells separately covers of different colors, to “clip” on the front, which will allow you to add your personal touch to this device combining strength, compactness and performance.

The Bose SoundLink III is a safe bet in the field of wireless speakers. Initially released in 2014, its success has not weakened over time, and for good reason: it is a very compact speaker with very powerful sound, which makes it the ideal compromise between lightness and sound quality.

With its sleek design, 25 cm wide, 13 cm high and only 4 cm thick, this speaker weighs just over 1 kg. It is therefore very easy to move and is one of the most “mobile” speakers offered by Bose.

Despite this minimalist design, the Bose SoundLink III has 4 speakers and 2 passive radiators. At moderate volume, they offer a balanced sound with powerful bass, and very appreciable fidelity. The sound does tend to saturate when pushed to its maximum level, however, which is fairly standard on a speaker of this size.

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