Call of Duty Vanguard: an update promised by the developers to make some weapons less strong!

PS 5

It was on Twitter that the developers of SledgeHammer Games, behind Call of Duty: Vanguard, announced their first big patch of 2024. On the program of this one, a wave of balancing and adjustments to probably make the experience less unfair play. Among frustrated gamers, some cite overuse of fire-generating weapons like incendiary grenades while others point to the versatility of short and medium range shotguns.. Complaints heard by developers:

However, no date concerning the arrival of these changes has been indicated by Sledgehammer Games which nevertheless promises more regular updates following their return from vacation. In addition, the studio’s tweet indicates that the changes mentioned are only a minority of the modifications “coming soon“.

Therefore, we can ask the following question: Is it soon the end of the Festivities event, and therefore of Krampus? The evil creature, linked to the year-end event, had caused confusion among players of Warzone and Vanguard: deemed too strong by many, the monster was nerfed on February 21: a drastically reduced life, and the ‘inability to reappear after the fourth ring. Supposed to start today from Call of Duty, the event related to Krampus seems to be doing a bit of a rab as indicated the developers’ trello.

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