CIC Inside: how do women position themselves in Esport?


Today, among all people who regularly play video games, there are as many men as women. Players who also have a strong interest in professional competitions. The proof is: according to the CIC Esport Observatory with Harris Interactive, 46% of people who have been interested in esports for less than a year are women.

Women are also increasingly present among esports journalists and commentators. We think in particular of Laure Valée, star animator of the League of Legends game in France and Europe. The latter also spoke on the subject of diversity in esports during an exclusive interview for CIC Esport Inside.

While it is therefore undeniable that women are increasingly following and commenting on major tournaments, among the participating teams, on the other hand, gender parity is far from being achieved. A situation that is rooted in a flagrant lack of representation of female players in international competitions. But initiatives are multiplying, in particular thanks to the Women in Games association, to show that they have their place in esports!

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