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Free, available on smartphones, easy to learn but difficult to master, requiring strategy, knowledge and a little luck … Clash Mini has everything to be a box like its eldest, Clash Royale, and promises to be just as addicting for players who get into it. And like the latter, Clash Mini promises hours and hours to fight, fight and fight again to climb in the ranks of the classification but above all to improve its units, called here Minis. Those who play Clash Royale know it well: to level up your cards, you have to deploy treasures of patience and regularity to open chests every day. to progress without spending money. Suffice to say that getting a little ahead now is not necessarily a bad idea, as some inflencers have noticed …

If you are one of the smart ones who want to get started now to ride on your friends in a few months, or if you just want learn more about Clash Mini, here is all the information you need to know:

What is Clash Mini?

Clash Mini is one of three new games in the Clash of Clans universe announced by the successful mobile game developer Supercell in 2024. It follows the hugely popular Clash Royale success on smartphones and recaptures the atmosphere crazy, the design as well as many units but with a very different gameplay. While Clash Royale is played in real time by placing cards on the battlefield, Clash Mini is played turn-based much like Teamfight Tactics: you place units from your deck on the chessboard materializing the terrain using the mana points at your disposal then leave them and watch them fight. On the next turn, you can land new units, which can also combine to be more powerful. In Clash Mini, just like in Clash Royale, your units level up overall as you level them up in the store. Clash Mini offers different game modes and a competitive ranking system, with esports tournaments planned.

How to progress in Clash Mini?

Progress in Clash Mini requires a lot of strategy, knowledge, especially to start well in the game because the first hours are indeed decisive, because you have to choose a hero at the very beginning, after the tutorial. Above all, do not embark on the adventure without immersing yourself in our 5 tips to know before you start! To progress in Clash Mini, focus on completing daily quests and play in the different modes: Rumble, a kind of mini-tournament mode where you face several players, or duel, where you face a single player. The points gain is obviously better in Rumble / Tournament mode than in Duel mode. You must also optimize the use of your tokens, essential for progress because necessary for play in ranked games that advance you in the leaderboard ! To win, no secret: train, learn and use the best Heroes and Minis ranked in our Clash Mini tier-list.

How to download Clash Mini?

To download Clash Mini for free from France, it is currently necessary to perform operations to make it appear that your Android or Apple smartphone is in another country, where the game is already available. Indeed, you cannot download Clash Mini directly from the Apple App Store and French Google Play Store for the moment. To download Clash Mini for free and play it now, and get ahead of your friends who will only be playing it when it’s released, follow our guide on how to download Clash Mini, the new game from the creators of Clash Royale and Brawl Stars on iOS and Android, starting now.

In which countries is Clash Mini currently available?

Clash Mini has only officially been released in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Canada and Singapore at the time of writing, in January 2024. To play now since France, it is essential to perform certain manipulations and to follow a tutorial explaining how to download Clash Mini, the new game from the creators of Clash Royale and Brawl Stars on iOS and Android.

How do I get tokens for free?

To play in the ranked mode of Clash Mini, you need tokens which can be obtained for free by playing in different ways. Additionally, for those deeply invested in the Clash universe, options like selling your CoC account can provide a way to transition from one game to another or to capitalize on your progress in the game. You can collect 5 free tokens per day, purchase tokens using gold won during games, or buy tokens using gems. The Clash Mini Pass, which costs 10 euros, offers even more rewards for active play and victories.

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