Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speakers are on sale this holiday season


By Amazon’s own admission in recent days, the sales growth of its Echo products was less strong than expected in 2024. If some have followed suit to challenge these “spy speakers”, contrary to the very principle protection of privacy, and argued that this was necessarily due to an awareness of the population who no longer wanted to be dependent on an ultra-connected world managed by robots, the reasons for this slowdown, all in all reasonable, indeed seem quite different.

Indeed, during the various confinements, the sales were so good and so important that many more people got equipped faster than expected. Suddenly, the current growth is necessarily less strong than expected since potential buyers are already equipped. It will therefore now be necessary to seek new followers or offer new services to consolidate its domination a little more.

Normally sold between € 49.99 and € 69.99, the 3rd and 4th generation Echo Dot are available today from just € 24.99.

The basic principle of connected speakers, or smart speakers, is to assist us at home with daily tasks or to keep us company when we need it. He is thus a particularly efficient kitchen assistant, not for cutting vegetables, but for enlightening us on recipes, starting a timer or playing music while we are preparing food.

In the bedroom, it can be used as an alarm clock, especially the Echo Dot 4 model with Clock, because it is equipped, as its name suggests, with a small LED display that shows us the time permanently. Pretty and practical at the same time.

In the bathroom he will be able to tell you to hurry while playing music when you are in the shower and finally, in the hallway or in the living room, he will be able to control your sockets or your connected bulbs, after having everything configured via the Alexa application, very well done incidentally.

We can criticize them, but these little helpers are still very practical on a daily basis. Find the Echo Dot 3 at € 24.99 instead of € 49.99, the Echo Dot 4 at € 34.99 instead of € 59.99 and the Echo Dot 4 with clock at € 44.99 instead of € 69.99.

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