Demon Slayer, Naruto Shippuden … CyberConnect 2 takes stock and promises heavy for 2024

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Not everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve: this is the case of Hiroshi Matsuyama, the president of CyberConnect 2 (Demon Slayer: Hinokami Chronicles, Naruto Shippuden or even Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot), who decided to talk about numbers and announcements in the face of the camera for an hour. And first of all, Matsuyama takes stock of the sales of its various games. Development studio specializing in manga video game adaptations, it is to him that we owe Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 released in 2016 and which sold 8.7 million units. He is also behind the development of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot released on January 15, 2024 and which distributed 4.5 million copies. More recently, we found CyberConnect 2 at the controls of Demon Slayer: Hinokami Chronicles, the first video game adaptation of the eponymous manga to be published in Europe: 1.32 million units have been sold.

Often combined with Bandai Namco for publishing, CyberConnect 2 also launched into publishing this year. He produced Fuga: Melodies of Steel, a turn-based RPG, which he developed himself. Despite undeniable qualities (evidenced by the 15/20 attributed by JV), the title is not a commercial success and cannot be profitable.

But this live broadcast was also an opportunity for Hiroshi Matsuyama to discuss the studio’s future projects. He mentions the announcement of a new game for February, scheduled for release in summer 2024. TheGamer, which translates and relays Ryokutya’s words, this new title is likely to be talked about and will “the effect of a bomb, 100%“.

From there, it’s all guesswork and it’s hard to get close to the truth about CyberConnect 2’s next game. Will it also be published by Bandai Namco? If so, will it be a new adaptation of a successful manga? Therefore, what will be the chosen manga? ? On the other hand, one might think that the 4 – 6 month time frame is too small for an announcement of a game linked by Bandai and that maybe it is a new installment completely managed by CyberConnect 2 which will be announced at that time. So many questions that will all have answers during the month of February.

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