Call of Duty Warzone: players still furious despite this gesture of the developers

PS 4

It was one of the real topics in the Call of Duty sphere just last week. On Warzone, The Double Cannon Akimbo was one of the most devastating discoveries in the arsenal: this rifle duo simply turned out to be far too powerful. Not much of a problem for those who wield it, you will tell us, but it is a big deal for anyone who is opposed to it.

A real imbalance that had pushed Raven Software to release an update to nerf the weapon in question on January 7th : a welcome gesture from the developers who had then operated a reduction in damage multipliers as well as a range and a guess fire revised downwards. Except that… the Double Cannon is still killing people.

Several days after the nerf of the American studio, the report is bitter on the part of the Warzone community: The Double Canon Akimbo is still considered cheated by many, who still point to the same problems. His damage points would still be insanely high and, coupled with phenomenal range and overly accessible guesswork, this death craft more than ever imbalance the parts.

On the famous Reddit forum at this address or on Twitter (see below), some do not hesitate to highlight the problem, supporting videos, showing their annoyance. The Double Canon would therefore still need an update and this time, much more pronounced than the previous one for a return to normal, much in demand.

We imagine that as often, Raven Software will hear the grumbling of players to act soon. A similar case had precisely been reported in the battle royale with the Krampa, a creature that occurred during an event in December and enjoyed decimating players in ways… a little too efficiently. Faced with the misunderstanding, the designers had also applied a nerf to this tough opponent.

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