Sales: One of the best Sennheiser gaming headsets is at a bargain price on Amazon!

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Among the many brands that are turning to the headphone market, there are some that have a more than justified reputation. Sennheiser is clearly one of them. Its products are of high quality and it is difficult to go wrong when choosing one of the references from their catalog. Today, their GSP 500 gaming headset is on sale, dropping from €229.00 to €99.95, more than half the price!

Opinions are unanimous, this helmet is one of the best of its generation. It’s now of a certain age and will be overtaken by other higher-end headsets, but at this price it’s a bargain. The sound is natural and immersive and Sennheiser has really paid attention to the spatialization of this model intended for gaming. For the most competitive fps, this will then be ideal and you will be able to take a definite advantage over your opponents who do not have the adequate equipment.

The GSP 500 is an open acoustic headset and is therefore intended for playing in a quiet environment. It has the advantage of not overheating the ears, which will give you more comfort, even during the longest gaming sessions. One of these (rare) faults is its pressure around the ears, however, which may bother you if you are sensitive to it or if you have a large head. However, it is still really comfortable.

Compatible with many platforms, you can use it whether you are a fervent supporter of your PS5, Switch, Xbox console, a member of the PC master race team or even better: a cross-platform free player. Finally, it is important to note that a noise-canceling microphone is present and that it is of impeccable quality which may even be acceptable for recording videos or streaming, even if it will necessarily remain less good than a microphone dedicated to this use.

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