ES1: The 100% eSport channel becomes MGG TV, the news!


Founded by Bertrand Amar, ES1 currently claims 1.3 million spectators per month, and has the broadcasting rights of e-Ligue 1, a virtual competition in which elite football clubs are represented, but also the French League of League of Legends and Rocket League Championship Series. In full growth, the chain evolves, and this requires a change of name.

The new identity should mean something to fans of competitive games, since ES1 becomes MGG TV, with reference to MGG site, which we knew under the name of Millenium until 2024, and which is historically specialized in the field of eSports. The purpose of this name change is to indicate to spectators that eSports is regrouped under a common name. This harmonization is organized in a larger project, which sees MGG brings together news, television broadcasts, as well as exchanges on social networks.

In addition, the MGG site will launch, on January 17th, his Twitch channel, which will complete the overall offer around the theme. Finally, this name change should allow the channel to highlight its programs, like “e-Race”, “FRAG” or “Va y être du sport”. Bertrand Amar, founder of the channel and director of esports activities at Webedia, said on the occasion of this announcement:

The name change is the symbol of a new step and a new dimension for the channel and for the Webedia group, a key player in esport. With the rebranding of MGG (formerly Millenium) and the ES1 channel, we are developing an esport offer allowing the same content to be exposed at 360 ° on social networks, the web, Twitch and on TV which is totally unique and unpublished.

For his part, Nicolas gicquel, Managing Director of MGG, added:

This development is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of the ES1 channel but also its audiences thanks to MGG, the leading esport brand. All for the benefit of the distributors who trust us in this new phase.

MGG can be found on the web via a subscription to Molotov TV, but also via satellite (Channel channel 159), SFR (121), Bbox (68), Freebox TV (91), or even Orange TV (142).

ES1 and MGG are entities whose content and programs are produced by Webedia

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