Fnac: your PS4 console can earn you money!


Until next January 30, Fnac will indeed take back your old PlayStation 4. And depending on the state of your console, get up to 200 € in voucher non-breakable, to be spent exclusively in the essential PS5 pack. The pack in question includes the white DualSense wireless controller, the game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as well as a 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus to play online with your friends and download new included games every month!

Fnac: your PS4 console can earn you money!

To take advantage of this trade-in offer, go to your Fnac store, bring your ID and your old console in good condition, and recover your credit to spend in the above pack. Please note, to be taken back, your PlayStation 4 must work perfectly, its chassis must not be visually damaged or personalized and all accessories must be included (controller (s) included).

Do you want to know the trade-in amount for your PlayStation 4? At this address, Fnac provides a tool allowing you to have a first estimate depending on the model you own.

All the details on the Fnac takeover offer

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