This iconic video game character is finally available in a LEGO set!


Indeed, LEGO had recently caused a sensation among video game enthusiasts, by collaborating with Nintendo to imagine different construction sets around Super Mario, as well as an even more original set to recreate a NES console in LEGO bricks.

The manufacturer’s desire to delight adults fed with pop culture don’t stop there. Chosen by the community as part of the “LEGO Ideas” program, which offers fans of the brand the opportunity to submit their ideas for new sets, this Sonic set is a true love letter to fans of the SEGA mascot.

Designed by designer Viv Grannell, who claims to be an early Sonic fan, this collector’s pack reproduces with great attention to detail the “Green Hill Zone”, the famous first level of the original Sonic, released in 1991, and that has marked the minds of more than one player.

With its beautiful dimensions of 17 cm high and 36 cm wide, this model is intended for construction, but also for exhibition, with its included display that will catch the eye of your loved ones nostalgic for the Mega Drive .

Image of the LEGO Sonic Green Hill Zone building set

Composed of 1125 pieces, this set indeed offers an immense attention to detail, in order to faithfully reproduce the shimmering and colorful universe (but also perilous and strewn with pitfalls) of the famous Green Hill Zone.

The decor therefore includes a palm tree, a bridge, but also a vertical loop in which Sonic can try his hand at his emblematic loops, as well as a “bumper” provided with a spring, which will allow you to make Sonic jump as in the game to collect the rings.

We actually find these famous golden rings characteristic of the saga, but also televisions (which contained special objects in the game) and the mythical emeralds of chaos, which are 7 in number and which you can display using a small dedicated display.

Finally, we naturally find LEGO characters full of nostalgia. There is thus a Sonic figurine, of course, but also his enemies: the Moto Bug with two different head options, the Crabmeat, not to mention the dreaded but iconic Dr. Eggman and his Eggmobile.

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