GTA Online: One of GTA 5’s Endings Confirmed by The Contract Update?

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Remember: a few weeks ago, Snoop Dog announced that his great friend Dr. Dre had reconnected with the developers of the game, namely Rockstar, with the aim of bringing to life a collaboration with fuzzy contours at that time. . The rapper’s words had the effect of a bomb and for good reason: all eyes were turned directly to Grand Theft Auto VI. Finally, the hopes of many have recently been dashed by the announcement of a new expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online.

The extension that was unveiled a few days ago is already available and offers a new scenario that is positioned as a real sequel to Grand Theft Auto V. A small consolation for the players, certainly, who are waiting for the sixth installment of the franchise, but it seems that this extension is even more interesting than it seems. Indeed, it could confirm one of the endings of the fifth episode!

GTA Online: One of GTA 5's Endings Confirmed by The Contract Update?

To better situate the temporality of this new content for GTA Online, it is fashionable to recall that ” The contract »Takes place five years after the events of Grand Theft Auto V and let him sign the appearance of one of the trio members, namely Franklin, who apparently sided, preferring to invest in the stars through his agency rather than in organized crime.

This unprecedented plot is the opportunity for him to cross paths with well-known faces but also newcomers to a 5-star cast : Dr. Dre, DJ Pooh, Anderson .Paak and many more! We leave you the pleasure of discovering for yourselves what happens during the events of this expansion but one of the missions entrusted by Dr. Dre would confirm one of the endings of Grand Theft Auto V. For the more curious among you, it happens below!

Without going into details, in order to preserve those who did not have the opportunity to complete the campaign, Grand Theft Auto V offers three different endings but one of the new missions introduced by “The Contract” would come to confirm one of them, thus becoming canonical and considered as the true end in the eyes of Rockstar.

GTA Online: One of GTA 5's Endings Confirmed by The Contract Update?

Very briefly, Franklin will have to actively search for the lost phone of Dr. Dre which would contain a series of unpublished documents. Furious, you accompany him through the city to a film set. On the spot, the situation makes Franklin say a sentence seemingly innocuous but, in reality, very interesting!

The latter tells Dr. Dre that he knows one of the producers in the area: it would be a reference to Michael, one of the members of the trio, since he becomes a film producer at the end of the fifth. episode. Therefore, Rockstar confirms, through this sentence, that Michael is alive following the final events of GTA V and that the end C of the game is canonical. Eight years after its release, and even if GTA Online has sometimes offered an approximate timeline, the game of Rockstar has not finished giving us all its secrets!

GTA Online: One of GTA 5's Endings Confirmed by The Contract Update?

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