From complete stranger to Tekken world champion


Arslan Ash. This pseudonym may not mean anything to you, but it is nevertheless well known in the Esport scene of fighting games. Pakistani player Arslan Siddique from Lahore is hiding behind Arslan Ash. While his parents see him studying and becoming a doctor, the young Arslan prefers to sneak out of his home and spend days and nights in the nearest arcade. There, he fell in love with King of Fighter and quickly established himself as an outstanding player capable of crushing any opponent standing in front of him.. By dint of stringing together victories, he sets himself a new challenge and decides to participate in bigger tournaments. And once again, he puts everyone in agreement and realizes that a potential career in Esport would be largely within his reach.

After integrating his first Esport structure, he once again continues to impose his style of play on King of Fighters. The problem is, King of Fighters is far from the most popular fighting game overseas. He therefore decides to launch an assault on Tekken 7, but is quickly caught up by his lack of training.. Determined to reach the heights, he will train hard to achieve his dream. If he stands out in minor international tournaments, the roof of the world awaits him in the biggest international competitions. And to shine, Arslan Ash decides to set out to conquer the biggest tournament in the world, the EVO. His quest for success will then put him to the test …

Arslan Ash’s exceptional career has placed him at the top of the world’s greatest champions in the competitive video game scene. A true hero of the nation, the young man paved the way for millions of young people who, like him, dream of a bright future.. His international success has also opened many doors for him, and made it much easier for him to travel around the world in order to meet the greatest players in the Esport scene. Arslan Ash is now an indisputable icon of Esport which has enabled his country to shine internationally in the best possible way.

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