GTA 6: the release would be clarified thanks to new potential clues, explanations

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GTA 6: the release would be clarified thanks to new potential clues, explanations

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 already and, even today, its activity does not decline. Rockstar intends to use his baby to the end: by bringing it to PS5 and Xbox Series (by making a game that has spanned three generations all the same) and by focusing all its efforts on its GTA Online multiplayer (to the detriment of that of Red Dead Redemption II, which also makes a bad-buzz right now). However, many eyes are on his successor around whom rumors and noise in the hallway multiply and accumulate.

Nevertheless, some information recently published by Take-Two, the parent company owning Rockstar, could well gently thicken the enormous mystery : it is on the sidelines of the purchase of Zynga for 12.7 billion dollars (more details here) that we learn that the titan foresees significant economic growth in the times to come. More precisely, we are talking about an increase of 14% until 2014, which amounts to nine billion dollars.

It did not take more to revive speculation and many analysts and insiders have lent themselves to the exercise: the site Axios advance thata new major video game would thus be released by the end of fiscal year 2024/2024, i.e. before March 31, 2014. And according to senior analyst Doug Creutz, There is only one game that can fetch the enormous trifle of around nine million dollars: Grand Theft Auto VI.

The journalist Tom henderson However, it relies on real facts to counterbalance the theory: Grand Theft Auto V had boosted revenues by at least 110% in its time and Red Dead Redemption II by more than 60%. Thereby, he does not see how Grand Theft Auto 6 could deliver “only” 14% increase.

It’s been a long time since we heard of a release of the game around 2024, although many years have been mentioned in the past. Rockstar, for its part, plays the total language of wood.

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