Guardians of the Galaxy: the singer of the band Star-Lord and audio director of the game returns to the original music of the title

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Guardians of the Galaxy is a successful work and like all sagas of the genre, it has the right to multiple variations. Today the editorial staff of JV is interested today in particular in the soundtrack of the title and the sound effects with the audio director and singer of the virtual group of the game, Star-Lord. Thus, Steve Szczepkowski shares his passion for music and sounds in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy through the video above.

These are the words representing the work of Steve Szczepkowski. During this video, we understand very quickly this man’s love for music. He told us about his journey, from a simple fan to an audio director who will finally take him to sing in the music of the game. The sound credits of the Guardians of the Galaxy game are notably signed by a unique group, Star-Lord. Both the protagonist’s nickname, but also his favorite rock band, Star-Lord therefore signed the original sound productions for this title..

Star-Lord is like this a fictional group composed mainly of Steve, the audio director, and his friend Yohan. For the record, know that our two friends record an album in their corner to propose it to the project manager who will accept the idea. The rest of the adventure is explained in detail in our report.

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