Halo Infinite: The shortage of components takes its toll on the tournaments, the details!

Xbox One

As you may know if you have tried to get a next-gen console in the past year, a global semiconductor shortage affects all industries using computer hardware. The video game industry is obviously concerned, and this even affects the official Halo Infinite tournaments organized by Microsoft.

This story takes us to the United States, near North Carolina. In this state, an official Halo Infinite tournament, the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2024, was recently held. All participants had to have an Xbox Series X, the tournament being played on the new Microsoft console. Problem, it is still quite difficult to get hold of the machine, even if, with the approach of the holidays, some examples have been seen in supermarkets. As a result, some registered gamers just didn’t have an Xbox Series X available to play their matches.

Watch out for the open board players – you’ll be playing this weekend on the X Series development consoles. They are functionally identical and will run in “Retail” mode, so it’s exactly the same experience, they just look a little different. Why ? The global shortage of supply chains is real.

Rather than cancel or postpone the tournament, Microsoft came up with an original idea, to say the least. Indeed, the builder just decided to go get some Xbox Series X dev kits, and set them up so that players can run the game on them as if they were playing with a business model. These machines, intended for developers, have a mode allowing you to run the devkit as if it were a console sold on the market for testing purposes. According to Intel, the shortage could be felt until 2024, even if factories are gradually increasing their production. ATMD, which equips new generation consoles, and Qualcomm, indicate for their part to be able to solve the problem in 2024.

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