Matrix Resurrections: A Huge Business Failure For Warner Bros. ?


Since the exit, the debates are lively between the spectators, who see in the film a kind of meta on what the Matrix is, and the others, who feel that the film is confused, or that the staging is not at the expected level.

Anyway, it seems that Matrix Resurrections does not work, at least in the cinema. In three weeks of operation, the film reportedly generated “only” $ 124.5 million at the box office worldwide, and is not helped by the immense success of Spider-Man No Way Home. And the amount will be difficult to jump, because attendance is down 51.4% from last week.

In other words, the feedback from the spectators does not invite the public to go to the cinema. When we look at the film’s ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, we observe a rather rare adequacy between the criticisms of the press and those of the spectators. Indeed, the press rating is 64%, while it is 63% for the public.

However, and despite the progression of the pandemic via the Omicron variant, the film is screened in 2,875 theaters in the United States of America. On the side of HBO Max, we identify a little over 2.8 million views, which is also quite disappointing. Outside the United States, the film generated over $ 90 million, highlighting all the more the failure of the feature film across the Atlantic.

According to some estimates, relayed by our colleagues at JeuxActu, Matrix Resurrections, of which the budget seems to be around $ 190 million excluding ancillary costs (marketing, communication), could cost $ 100 million to Warner Bros. In short, the return of The Matrix does not seem to go as hoped, despite the return of Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss or even Lambert Wilson.

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