Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter-inspired game is available for pre-order

Xbox Series

Few of the games have been so expected and aroused so much expectation than this Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy. Several reasons for this, Harry Potter has marked the lives of hundreds of millions of fans around the world since the release of the first volume in 1997. Its adaptation to the cinema 4 years later allowed it to change dimension and become a global phenomenon just like the Star Wars or Marvel movies.

This year we are also celebrating the 20 years of the first film and HBO has brought together all the actors still alive or in state (RIP Alan Rickman aka Severus Snape, Richard Harris aka Dumbledore in the first two films or even Richard Griffiths aka the Uncle Vernon Dusley to name a few) for a little family reunion that we can’t wait to see.

It is for all these reasons that each time a Harry Potter license is announced the whole planet is in turmoil and the ambitions of this Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Legacy have only increased our impatience.

Announced with great fanfare in September 2024 during the PlayStation Showcase, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy was originally due to be released in 2024 before being quickly pushed back to a wave in 2024. And since then it has been radio silence. If Fnac does not take any risk with a date of December 31, 2024, the game should actually be released later this year, fingers crossed for the first half of the year.

We hardly know anything about the game other than that it will be an RPG, but rather solo? with multi? To see an MMO approach to FF14 outright would be great. However, the game should be discouraged at least 16 years old, which leaves us to think that we will not be dealing with a simulation for toddlers.

While a new video was to be unveiled at the last Game Awards, Warner Bros would have finally decided at the last moment to replace it with the very short teaser of Wonder Woman… The mystery remains unsolved!

Anyway, we should have news of Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy very soon and pre-orders are open on the Fnac website on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series at 69.99 € for the versions. old gen and € 79.99 for the new gen versions. As a bonus, for holders of the Fnac + loyalty card, € 10 will be credited to your loyalty account.

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